Crane-rail welding

Crane rails are used in a broader range of settings than just about any other type of rail – whether it be for warehouses, bridge cranes, container ports or gantry cranes for heavy industry. The higher the availability requirements for the conveyance installation in question, the higher the quality standards for rail joints. Apart from the fact that the cost of welding the massive rail profiles used in such settings is prohibitive, only aluminothermic welding meets the relevant requirements in terms of mobility, user-friendliness, work safety and robustness.

Pandrol GmbH set about meeting these requirements early on – and thanks to this experience is in a position to offer its customers a sophisticated welding method. Our SKS method allows for the realization of reliable, high-quality and long lasting rail joints, for any desired crane rail profile.


Use and cost effectiveness

  • Obviates the need for ex post removal of underfoot weld collar
  • Short execution times translate into minimal downtime, even with massive profiles
  • User friendly solution thanks to standardized work steps
  • Reciprocally compatible products yield top-notch welding results, with very little training time


  • Prewarming time: 5-30 minutes
  • 3 piece mould geometry with level base plates
  • Reliable fusion, even with the largest rail sections
  • Maximum elongation at break values

Overview of our processes:

  • SkV-P & SP
  • LP
  • LP groove
  • SKS