Quality testing

In the interest of ensuring that our products meet the requisite quality standards at all times, all key parameters of our welding solution (portions, crucibles, forms, tools etc.) regularly undergo quality testing, and their process capacity is monitored and documented.

We also regularly carry out chemical analyses, ultrasound scans, hardness measurements and bending tests in conjunction with fractured-surface assessments. We regularly use various weld assessment and microscopic troubleshooting methods. Using our fatigue resistance test stand, we simulate dynamic loads with a view to ensuring the usability and durability of our products in rail-use settings.

All of our lab equipment and testing materials are continuously monitored by external accredited organizations, so as to verify the objectivity and thoroughness of our own test results.

Using various statistical methods for SPC process control, the results of our extensive system testing are consolidated and evaluated, so as to ensure across the board process stability. Overarching methods such as 6 Sigma (DMAIC) have recently been making a key contribution to our process improvement efforts.

Where needed, we conduct failure analyses and assessments exceeding the bounds of general requirements, in partnership with accredited labs and internationally recognized academic experts.

Via our partner Pandrol SAS, we have at our disposal an additional ultra modern lab, testing materials, testing methods and highly qualified personnel – all of which enables us to expand the scope of our testing on a sound basis.



Fatigue testing