Quality policy

Providing products of irreproachable quality is our top priority when it comes to customer satisfaction. Our welding materials are used worldwide under the most stressful and adverse conditions, in extreme temperatures and under high levels of strain, and need to meet these requirements at all times.

The outstanding safety and reliability provided by our T3 one shot crucible means that worksite welders can use our products simply, easily and safely. Many work steps that used to jeopardize work safety and that could potentially lead to serious accidents are completely eliminated by the T3 – which means that this product can be used at all times in easily, reproducibly and safely.

Our high quality standards are systematically monitored through implementation of the international DIN EN 9001 standard – which means that all of the stringent requirements set by our German and international customers are met to the latter’s complete satisfaction at all times.

Each production process is continuously monitored, and is checked and evaluated to ensure that process stability and impeccable quality are maintained. Our in-house lab tests our semi-finished and finished products in accordance with strict criteria, to ensure that these products are usable and conformant.

Apart from this in-house testing, external audits and tests are carried out periodically, so as to ensure product conformity at all times.

We strictly adhere to and monitor the implementation of all applicable international standards such as DIN 14730, as well as all applicable laws, technical regulations, accident prevention requirements, and environmental requirements.

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