Intelligent solutions for aluminothermic welding

We develop and manufacture top-drawer products for aluminothermic welding. Our invention of the groundbreaking “One-Shot Crucible” has decisively changed the way tracks are welded. The consequent optimization of work safety, user friendliness and above all process stability today forms the basis for durable and reliable welded joints in modern rail networks. Our productive research and development partnership with our French associates enables us to come up with innovative and practical solutions for aluminothermic welding. 

Our proprietary test lab enables us to respond rapidly and flexibly to all requirements during the product development process. In partnership with leading rail manufacturers, we continuously work on welding-related implementation of new rail grades such as R340GHT and R400HT. We provide our customers worldwide with advice and support on a daily basis, for all matters concerning the use of our products.

Together we set standards.

Overview of our processes:

  • SkV-P & SP
  • LP
  • LP groove
  • SKS