Grooved-rail welding

The consistently top-notch quality provided by aluminothermic welding has for decades now been an excellent reason to lay trolley tracks using this technique. Aluminothermic welding entails the same amount of work as other techniques such as fluxcored wire welding or electrode welding, but provides far greater process stability and reproducibility. In its capacity as an aluminothermic fusion welding method, aluminothermic welding allows for structural homogeneity and rigidity, thus minimizing internal stress. This yields higher elongation at break values, which in turn translate into longer track lifetimes and less maintenance.

When it comes to city-center public transport in particular and its vulnerable environment, aluminothermic welding is ideal not only for new stretches of track, but also for track maintenance and repair operations.

To this end, Pandrol offers its customers a grooved-rail welding method with a long preheating time – which for the LP method ranges from 4 to 6 minutes.


Use and cost effectiveness

  • In the interest of reducing post-installation work, various groove cores are available, depending on application domain and track profile
  • Compatible shearing blades are available for all track profiles
  • Thanks to standardized work steps and reciprocally compatible products, top-notch welding results are obtainable with relatively little training time

Overview of our processes:

  • SkV-P & SP
  • LP
  • LP groove
  • SKS