Work safety and environmental protection

Environmental protection and work safety, in conjunction with ecofriendly and safe use of our products, are a top priority at Pandrol GmbH. Our parent company, Railtech International, has ISO 14001 certification, whose requirements we also implement and which are subject to an annual internal audit. We also strictly adhere to the provisions of Article 5 of the Federal Pollution Control Act (BimSchG).

Erectec, an accredited environmental laboratory, tests the ecological compatibility of our products by measuring the emissions engendered by them during the welding process, and also tests them for possible contaminants that might arise in connection with their disposal. Both of these certifications attest to the excellent ecological compatibility and safety of our products.

We adhere to all rules and regulations promulgated by trade associations and work safety regulations, and ensure compliance with these rules through regularly held in-house and external training courses. Our goal is to ensure that each and every member of our staff is ever mindful of the importance of achieving the best possible quality and work safety for himself, as well as for his coworkers.

Rigorous analyses of any work accidents that may occur enable us to devise preventive measures whose implementation is reflected by regularly audited hazard assessments of our company that aim to durably improve our company’s work safety.