Quality management and certification

Pandrol GmbH has been DIN EN ISO 9001 certified since 2001. This certification relates to all key work and production processes throughout the organization. This involves continuous monitoring, by specialists, of the entire manufacturing process based on preset criteria, from criteria-based raw-materials testing to quality-assurance product inspections based on national and international standards; and from individual supplier qualification to customer satisfaction surveys using various analyses – and culminating in a continuous improvement process.

Our research and development team uses the results of these analyses and assessments for continuous process improvement. For continuous product and process optimization, as well as for more exhaustive failure analyses, we have at our disposal a modern lab in France staffed by highly qualified experts and equipped with the latest technologies for all matters relating to aluminothermic welding. We also use our partnerships with external accredited labs such as SLV Hannover and Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung, and with universities such as Aachen Technical University and Siegen University. In close collaboration with our customers, optimizations are planned and implemented that greatly improve the user friendliness of our products and processes.

Since 2001 Deutsche Bahn AG (German National Railroad) has been conducting annual DBS 918 248-based annual audits of its suppliers. These audits center around the strict and comprehensive requirements set forth in ISO 9001, as well as on customer satisfaction and delivery timeliness.

In addition, Deutsche Bahn AG also regularly monitors all of its suppliers’ construction materials that are subject to mandatory quality testing. The resulting Herstellerbezogenen Produktqualifikation (HPQ; manufacturer-related product qualification) and the related unlimited product approval has likewise been regularly granted to Pandrol since the inception of the auditing program.