After-sales service

Achieving optimal welding results hinges not only on consistent quality of the consumables being used, but also on conscientious and proper execution of the relevant rail welding techniques.

It is often underestimated how difficult it is – under stressful and adverse conditions such as inclement weather, time pressures and working at night – to achieve precise and reproducible aluminothermic welds each and every time, and in so doing to meet all of the related theoretical requirements. In order for each and every product to perform as it should, it is absolutely essential that WPS process parameters be adhered to. In the interest of providing welders with support in carrying out this demanding work, our after-sales service team makes available to welders all of our expertise and experience with the use of our products, through a continuous program of training and worksite support measures.

Our after-sales service team is composed of qualified and experienced individuals, some of whom have extensive track-work experience.

Welder training

Our service portfolio includes aluminothermic welding training (referred to in German as Gießschmelzschweißer (OAS) and Brennschneiderlehrgang (BrS)) for both novice and experienced welders. This training certifies welders to carry out aluminothermic welding in the Deutsche Bahn AG (German National Railroad) network. Certification examinations are administered by an independent Deutsche Bahn AG examiner. We set training schedules in close consultation with our customers, whereby training can be held either at our training center or on the customer’s premises.


Head of after-sales service/
research and development

SM (Os) Mike Liddell

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After-sales service

SFM / IWS Martin Gruschwitz

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