SkV Premium: The new optimized welding process featuring rapid preheating

The standard, and highly reliable, SkV process for railroad aluminothermic welding, which has been in use for decades, has been substantially improved.

LP – welding with long preheating times

Welding involving long preheating times is the most commonly used aluminothermic welding process worldwide. By virtue of various developmental steps ...

Grooved-rail welding

The consistently top-notch quality provided by aluminothermic welding has for decades now been an excellent reason to lay trolley tracks using this technique.

Crane-rail welding

Crane rails are used in a broader range of settings than just about any other type of rail – whether it be for warehouses, bridge cranes, container ports ...

VGR and CGR shearing devices

Railtech Deutschland has developed a new generation of shearing devices that allow for aluminothermic welding of all types of rails. With this system, excess weld collar can be...

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